The Philosophy of Life & Happiness


Some Philosophies on Life

Life is precious. It is our vehicle to experience and learn from whilst we drive along the road that is life.
Along the drive the scenery and who we travel alongside with will always change:

Sometimes the road is bumpy and sometimes the road is smooth.

Sometimes the scenery is beautiful and sometimes it is ugly.

Sometimes we are surrounded by others and sometimes we drive alone.

Sometimes our car is luxurious and sometimes we drive a ‘bomb’

Throughout our journey we are always confronted with many choices, opportunities, possibilities and paths in which we may travel. We are always trying to find out where we fit in and where we belong amongst other people and our environment. Sometimes we choose to pretend we are somebody else, much like an actor, just so that we can fit in with a certain group or fulfil a certain social status. If we are not living who we are, we become lost because we are living a lie.

Life is a gift... something we should treasure and enjoy. Live for the present and ‘the now’ as this creates your future. All that is in the past has happened and can’t be changed. All we can do about the past is change the way we feel about it.

“What the heart feels the mind will see”

We will never fully understand life. It is natural to wonder about why we are here, what we are doing and what is the purpose of ‘being here’. One our main driving emotions is ‘to know’, therefore life is a continuous quest for knowledge.

Sometimes we get confused when different emotions cross our paths. By understanding ourselves as a person it allows us to understand how we operate collectively as a people. This is what society really is. But we are not our society – we are our own society – a free and enlightened spirit as an accumulated collection of cells that can create our own destiny and choose our own paths.

Although what makes us different is what defines who we are as a person, there is much to be learned from the people around us that can help our journey. Being different makes life exciting, but sharing our similarities to find understanding, is what can make life easier.

By trying to understand people rather than judging them, we can absorb their knowledge without dismissing what they have to say. There is always something we can learn from every person – be it positive where we can grow from what they teach us, or something negative – where we can learn from their mistakes. If we always judge we never listen. If we always have an open mind we can see another point of view of life.

Look at the present moment as a gift. This will always make life in general a happy and exciting surprise. When we receive an unexpected gift we feel appreciated by the person who gave it to us. Look at it like giving yourself a gift, so that you can appreciate who you are and what is around you ever so more. If you don’t like yourself or your environment, do something about it and change it.

“Leave the mirror and change your face. Leave the world alone and change the conception of yourself.”

Enjoy every moment and accept the good with the bad, as there is a ‘silver lining’ under every cloud. If you spend all your time trying to change everyone and get upset about everything, you will always be upset and disappointed. Live by the solution and not the destruction. Live in faith, not in hope. Where one door closes a better one is always bound to open. What we believe creates our perception which creates our actions.

Life is too short to wake up with regrets. So love the people who treat you right and forget about the ones who don’t. Believe that everything happens for a reason. If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands. If it changes your life, let it.

If you have a want, you will only get a desire with no completion. If you make a choice, you have made a decision and use all your resources towards success. Life obstacles are an opportunity to victory, they are there to bring about a balance and make us better, stronger people. This is where our wisdom comes from. Remember we all make mistakes. It is what we do with them that count.

We all experience the ups and downs of life as we embark on a journey of learning and discovery. We all have our good days and bad days. It is how we perceive our bad days and what we learn from others that sculpt the way we view ourselves. Sometimes it is good when we have a problem to look at that problem through someone else’s eyes who has experienced that same problem. To live is to learn, and learning is best done through experience.

You can always judge the strength of a person by how they act during their darkest moments in life.

As Sylvester Stallone once said in the movie Rocky Balboa:
“You, me, or nobody is going to hit as hard as life. But it isn’t how hard you hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward.”

There is much to gain in your darkest hours by sharing how you feel with someone who has been there themselves before you. If you be honest with yourself the truth will always set you free. This is one of the keys to stop your mind rehashing the past. In the moment of adversity simply changing the way you look at something by as little as 1 percent could later change your life around 100%. It is often the first step of any journey that is the most important.

When we obsess about something bad in life we become blinded and cannot see the solution. This is when we become the victim of our own emotions and live in the dark far from the light. When we step out of the dark and take a look at ourselves from a different angle, this is when we can see the light.
Sometimes when we look at ourselves and what we are doing its best done by becoming a self-observer. This can be likened to imagining that you are watching a movie in which you are the main character. By doing this and playing out our own story from an observer’s point of view, we are able to more effectively judge what we are doing because we are not directly involved. This is useful because when we view ourselves directly we often make up excuses, justifications and try to find reasons for what we are doing that we know is wrong.

Be aware that what we ask ourselves determines the answers that we receive. We should always ask ourselves for every decision or action: “Is what I am doing constructive or destructive”? Remember that the better the questions we ask ourselves, the better the answers we will get. With better answers we will always choose more constructive actions. Questions can also help with the way we feel too. When we see through the fog, there is always wisdom through our experiences which makes us who we are.

Our intentions in life create our outcomes whereas our expectations in life create our limits. What we think we are worth is what we are ultimately rewarded with. Through self-control we can begin to make wiser choices in life. Live your life not someone else’s expectations – then you will be free to be you.

We meet many people through life, some of whom we perceive as true friends, soul mates or otherwise. But how do we really know if they are true to who we think they are? Put simply – we don’t! Life has too many factors and challenges that can change the best person in the world into a completely different person, sometimes overnight. It is our understanding to this change in character that can sometimes confuse us, yet it can also give us our biggest tool, which is awareness. Our Awareness helps us understand people and our surroundings and allows us to take control of a situation before it happens. It is our power and our adaptability skills (rapport) in life.

We all have our own ways to cover up and hide our weaknesses (that which we perceive to be so). Sometimes we smile, laugh, become sarcastic or even agree. These are so often our natural responses as a safeguard against life and our feelings. Use them wisely because if people know our weaknesses they will keep pushing our buttons to make themselves feel better for control and or other negative purposes.


Our soul is our energy, driving force and way of feeling. It keeps us alive and moving forward. Yet at the same time our soul can also be our downfall if it is not pointed in the right direction. It can keep us confused, cause us to over think and may even cause us to see illusion instead of reality. If we align our thoughts and emotions with happiness and set goals of achievement we will always have direction.

Follow your heart as it will always lead you in the right direction. With the right intention, action and thought it is possible to create and live your dream. If the people 

around us in our life are supposed to be in our dream, they will remain with us, if not then they will be left behind.

Sheep follow a Shepard. Try to be a Shepard of your own life rather than a sheep for someone else’s.

Happiness of the soul is the key to our wellbeing. Every day we breathe is another day in which we are alive and here to enjoy life and what it has to offer. The difference between life and school is that at school we learn and get tested on what we have learned. When it comes to life we are tested first to see if we are learning. If we don’t learn we will never move forward beyond the past. If we make every day in our life count, then we become the creator and captain of our ship. We can then sail that ship in the right direction as we flow with the rhythm that is our life. Every moment that goes by in our lives becomes the past. Every moment that is to come becomes the future. Every moment that we experience becomes the present. The future is always in our hands and the past is in our head and the present is what we live. Live a great and fulfilling life and we will have no regrets.

We can succeed more in life if we thank the past for the experience and knowledge and then let it go. Appreciate as many moments as you can and don’t get dragged down by the past. There is no such thing as failure! If we think we have failed then really we just needed more time to accomplish something or what we did wasn’t worth doing. We can do anything with persistence, hard work and positive thinking. Practice Makes Permanent.

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