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General Interests-v-Lifestyle Interests

As individuals, we possess a variety of interests that shape our personalities, fuel our passions, and contribute to our overall well-being. Among these interests, two broad categories often come up in discussions: general interests and lifestyle interests. While they might seem similar at first glance, they have distinct differences. 

This blog will explore the disparities between general and lifestyle interests, how they impact our lives, and their role in our relationships.

Defining General Interests:

General interests encompass various activities and subjects that attract our attention and stimulate our curiosity. These interests are typically diverse and span multiple domains, such as literature, sports, music, arts, science, and history, separating ties to a specific or deeply ingrained in our daily routines. General interests often serve as avenues for leisure, entertainment, and intellectual growth, allowing us to explore new ideas and expand our horizons. They may vary from person to person and can change over time as we evolve and encounter new experiences.

Exploring Lifestyle Interests:

Unlike general interests, lifestyle interests align more closely with our personal choices, habits, and how we live our lives. They reflect our core values, beliefs, and priorities and often profoundly impact our daily routines, relationships, and well-being. Lifestyle interests tend to be consistent and enduring, shaping our identity and influencing our decisions significantly. Lifestyle interests include fitness and wellness, sustainable living, minimalism, food and nutrition, travel, fashion, and specific hobbies that we prioritise and integrate into our daily lives.

Distinguishing Factors:

  1. Depth of Commitment:  General interests, casual or intermittent, can be pursued to allow for exploration and enjoyment without a significant commitment. On the other hand, lifestyle interests require a higher level of commitment and investment of time, energy, and resources due to their more central role in our lives.
  2. Influence on Daily Life:   General interests typically contribute to our personal growth and enrichment on a broader scale, whereas lifestyle interest has a more direct impact on our daily routines, habits, and decision-making process.
  3. Identity and Values:  General interests typically contribute to our personal growth and enrichment on a broader scale, whereas lifestyle interests have a more direct impact on our daily routines, habits, and decision-making processes.
  4. Social Connections:  Lifestyle interests often reflect and shape our identity as they align with our values and beliefs. They become integral to who we are, while general interest is more flexible and adaptable, contributing to our overall well-being.
  5. Longevity and Adaptability:  Lifestyle interests tend to be enduring and have a long-term impact on our lives, whereas general interests may change or evolve as our circumstances and priorities shift.

Introduction Consultants

Understanding the difference between general vs lifestyle interests allows us to    comprehend how hobbies and pursuits shape our lives. 

While generally, broad interests offer opportunities for exploration and intellectual growth, lifestyle interests play a more central role in our daily routines, choices, and overall sense of identity.   

Both types of interests contribute to one’s personal development and well-being. 

However, it is essential to recognise the distinctive nature of each and appreciate the unique benefits they bring to our lives. 

Embracing a healthy balance of general interests and nurturing our lifestyle interests can lead to a fulfilling and purpose-driven life.



A skilled Matchmaker will help you work through the two, acknowledging the importance of general vs lifestyle interests in the matchmaking process.

While general interests create initial attraction and shared experiences, lifestyle interests reveal deeper values and priorities crucial for long-term compatibility.  

By considering both types of interests, a matchmaker helps individuals find partners who share hobbies and align with their core beliefs, enhancing the potential for long-term compatibility and happiness.

Golf is a popular example.

Brianne points out the bond between two people doesn’t necessarily hinge on shared interests.  She illustrates this concept with an example: imagine two individuals where one may not have a particular affinity for golf.

Despite this, their connection flourishes in a broader social context.  After an initial golf-related activity, they come together for drinks, dinner, and shared moments with friends. In this scenario, it becomes evident that their compatibility is not tethered to a specific interest like golf whilst the golfer has still enjoyed his/she outlet.


One may be fishing offshore whilst the other person is sitting and enjoying reading a book and come together to enjoy a picnic afterwards. 

Sailing and Boating are Different.

On the other hand, through the dating agency, we find boating and sailing are trendy lifestyle interests that people enjoy with a partner.  

We have great waterways for lifestyle interests here in Australia.  It’s social and intimate with a circle of friends, and compliments days out and weekend trips away.

Matchmaker Comments

Many people will seek out a companion with a compatible lifestyle interest such as boating, especially if it was missing in a previous marriage or relationship.

We do not imply that people need a partner to enjoy life and activities; however, we are talking about people coming through a reputable dating service with a prime purpose of meeting someone with a view to a lasting relationship. 

Talking and discussing preferences and definite in general interest’s vs lifestyles interest is something that statistically is a key to our success.

Lifestyle interests and sporting clubs allows the opportunity to meet people who share the sport; presents company if it is a solo sport, however, does not always present the opportunity of meeting someone single and compatible to you.

So, when talking about one’s interests and hobbies or reading up on someone else’s interests and hobbies, it is a recommendation to think about how your time involvement in these may impact someone else.  If it is a solo lifestyle interest or if you want someone to share it with someone special.

Alternatively, they are great discussion points and can give incredible insight into someone’s life, where it has taken them and what current and future involvement, they see themselves at with it.” Brianne Tillyer

The article is in conjunction with You and I Introductions and Brianne Tillyer – (Matchmaker 30 years and Business Owner Since 1995 – Adv. Dip Counselling; Grad Cert Mgt, Coach and Mentor).

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