About You and I Introductions

Welcome to You and I Introductions: Connecting Hearts and Offering Dating Services in Today’s Evolving Dating Landscape.

At You and I Introductions, we believe in the power of collaboration. Here you will meet our highly experienced team members, and together, work towards your unique relationship goals:

  • Finding Love,
  • Cultivating Meaningful Connections
  • Nurturing Lasting Relationships.

Imagine this: You gain access to expert guidance, personalised support, and a wealth of knowledge; elevating your online or offline personal and confidential dating experience. We are your go-to source for answers and resources; matchmaking and one-on-one introductions saving you valuable time on your path to lasting love.

We firmly believe that your journey is special and deserves the chance to connect with someone extraordinary, someone who truly compliments your life. Read more on our story below. With 30 years’ Experience and commitment to personal matchmaking, we cater to individuals who know what they are looking for and are genuinely seeking a meaningful relationship.

As the dating industry evolves, so does the dating landscape. When you share your dating story and preferences with us, you speak with industry professionals who have navigated the personal introduction agency space both online and offline.

We proudly hold the title of Brisbane’s Longest Established Personal Introduction Agency – What does this mean? – Our Senior Management and Team possess hands-on experience, practicality, and accredited training in the field of connecting people, listening, and professional introduction services.

Our Story

You and I, Introductions, is a Dating Industry Pioneer in Australia.

Throughout the pandemic’s years, considerable effort was spent developing services for finding love, online relationship management, and compatibility testing.

“There has never been a greater need for diversity in professional matchmaking teams and services offered than there is today,” says Brianne Tillyer, a relationship specialist with 30 years of experience. “Over the previous five years, personal dating agencies have had several highs and lows, primarily due to ‘supply and demand.’ The rise of mobile dating applications has altered the landscape of personal matching. After 30 years as a consultant and business owner (2023), the moment has come to break away from dating agencies to offer innovation and a new framework.

Our Mission - Dating Services

Post Covid - You and I Introductions conducted an industry survey of singles in Brisbane. The dating landscape has broadly and dynamically moved.

Our Management Team has grown to include service operators who provide additional skills and ongoing services. This is exciting for our management and team because we can additionally offer in house services to contribute to an holistic approach to incorporate mind and body.

These dating services include:

  • Personal Online Matchmaker ( a great success )
  • Dating Services:
  • Providing dating strategies, advice, tips and personal and private consultations to both online and personal dating experiences.

Management through its DateSmart and providing awareness (As heard on ABC Radio Talk back in 2023) and promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing for individuals looking to find love for the first time or again at this stage in their lives.

Online dating can be safe if you follow the right advice