Dating 101


Be yourself

Remember, the other person is human as well

Use your best judgment

Business 101 – Keep the product but change the label. It sounds deceptive because it is.

Dating 101 is no different. Many men and women are making a fresh start and are venturing out to meet someone new after a breakup.

No matter how confident a person may feel within themselves, becoming a “dating chameleon” is a real thing and does exist. Blending effortlessly into conversations that fall short of allowing ourselves to shine can happen without us realising until it’s too late.

The first sign is the feeling that the dating scene is too complicated and, quite frankly, exhausting. It doesn’t have to be that way. Meeting new people should be fantastic for all people involved. Continuing to meet new people until we strike up the right chords with someone we connect with can be an enjoyable experience.

Remembering the other person is human keeps it honest. We may be wondering why they are talking so much about a topic you have no interest in. Still, you have a choice to be yourself and steer the conversation away from that. Trying is better than not trying, and practising the art of dating keeps you in check with being yourself.

Using your best judgment is often appreciated by the other person too. Learning new skills; perfecting your art of dating; is not changing your label, so to speak; it is bringing out your best product within – and that is YOU.

Dating 101 – Be Yourself – Remember the other person is human – Use your best judgement.