Hypnosis for Confidence

Overrides self-limiting beliefs & enhances your overall confidence levels






How This Program Will Help You

Program description

Improve Your Confidence With Hypnosis!
This program is designed to overhaul limiting patterns or self defeating thoughts to make you super confident! It will do this naturally over time, as the more you listen to the program, the more you will begin to build new foundations of confidence from the ground up.

Contains Suggestions & Techniques To:

  • Believe in yourself and your abilities
  • Always view the positive and understand the negative Be confident in everything you say, act and do
  • Help you bring out the best in your true self
  • Improve your relationships, friendships and communication
  • Allow you to experience new things and live life to the fullest!
  • Build your inner strength

This program contains techniques to follow these steps and build real self confidence. It will help you identify your best abilities to create real confidence that will simply flow across to everything that you do. So often in life it is confidence issues from when were children that affect what we do as adults. Addressing these issues and overriding them with better patterns through hypnosis is often the best way of recreating your life from the ground up.

Product specifications

MP3 Download (with option to choose a shipped CD for extra)
  1. Introduction.mp3 (5mins – 6MB)
  2. Hypnosis Session.mp3 (35mins – 41MB)
  3. Instructions.pdf (PDF – 2MB)
Very high 160 KBPs Stereo quality – compatible with all MP3 devices
Binaural beats, bells, trance tones
7Hz Theta to 5Hz Theta
Links sent via email or downloaded from within your account. The files are NOT zipped, so you can download straight to your IPhone, IPad, computer or any mobile device. The links last for 5 download attempts with no time limit.
“I am confident, I flow, I do, I have charisma, all things easy, better, happy, moving forward, I can, I will, I do.”

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