Hypnosis for Attracting Love

Puts You Into the Right Mindset to Attract Your Perfect Partner!






Main Techniques & Suggestions

Program description

Giovanni created this MP3 to help single people attract love into their life. It works on a few different levels – from helping develop better relationship skills, to being aware of who you want, and looking in the right places to find it. By using this program and opening up to the possibilities of finding love, it should become much easier for you to have the right mental attitude to find it.

Program specifications

MP3 Download (with option to choose a shipped CD for extra)

  1. Introduction.mp3 (5mins – 6MB)
  2. Hypnosis Session.mp3 (46mins – 53MB)
  3. Important Instructions.pdf (PDF – 2MB)

Very high 160 KBPs Stereo quality – compatible with all MP3 devices.

Binaural beats, bells, trance tones, rainforest sounds, bird sounds

7Hz Theta to 5Hz Theta

Links sent via email or downloaded from within your account. The files are NOT zipped, so you can download straight to your IPhone, IPad, computer or any mobile device. The links last for 5 download attempts with no time limit. Subliminals “I am attracting love, I am attracting my perfect partner, I am happy & positive, I am confident, I have self respect, I am self assured, feel good within, I glow and flow, I become what I want to attract, what I become I attract, I Iearn from my past, I am worthy of love”

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